Day 9: My Darling



My name is
Your choice
Your Love
Your Life

Do you let go
Do you sacrifice
Or do you run?

What are you so afraid of, my darling?


Day 8: Moon Child



Moon Child,
Dance under the stars,
Try to remember who you are,
Before you lost yourself.

Do you remember?
The one who fought?
The one who didn’t back away?

Do you remember?
The one whom overcame?
Who never let problems get to her?

Moon Child,
Dance with us, those whom will
Help you remember who you are.

Day 6: Winter’s End



First Spring
Was suppose to come.
Until the winter’s blaze
Hit like a storm and
Covered the country
With a white sheet
Of nothing but pure snow.

The inhabitants of the country
awaited and awaited;
Lived day by day;
Hoping and hoping
that the white sheet would dissipate.

Eventually, green grass started to fight
through the white sheet
And the inhabitants celebrated.
Spring had finally arrived!

They danced and danced
Around the budding trees,
Saying farewell to the white winter
And hello to the new, fresh year!

Day 4: You Say You’ll Help Me


You say you know,
But I don’t think you know.
You say you understand,
but I don’t think you understand.
How could someone like you understand?

You’re not like me! You’re nothing like me!
Human? What a joke!
You’re not human–you’re a demon!
What do you understand, anyways?

Yet here you are, you’ve beaten me down
From my constitution, my determination
You say you’ll help me.

And here I am, beaten down
Stripped of all that I use to be
You say you’ll help me.

You’re nothing like me–you’re not human.
Yet here I am, giving all I have to you
Trusting you.

I give you a request of mine:
Please, free my father from the demon he had become.

Day 3: Woman’s Song


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The woman sings and sings and sings,
Early in the morning,
Early in the afternoon,
Early in the evening,
Late at night.

She sings and sings and sings,
To raise the spirits of the living,
And of the dead.

She draws, draws, draws in,
Creatures of the night,
And Unknown Entities.

Some call her a witch and harmful,
That she should be burnt to the stake.
Others call her a beauty and harmless,
They say let her be, she does no wrong,
She lifts the spirits of the living after all.

She sings for us, they continue,
Sings for the dead.
Is she really so harmful?

Those against cannot hear,
For they believe they know the truth.
They approach her, hoping to lead her
To the bottom of the river.

The woman simply smiles,
And sings a song,
No one has heard before.
And all against her,
Fall to their demise.

She sings and sings and sings,
Early in the morning,
Early in the afternoon,
Early in the evening,
Late at night.

And the spirits of the demised,
Rise again by her song.

Day 2: Fire Dance



My love,
Will you dance with the flames
Or let them consume you?
Will you dance with what can destroy
and repair you?
Will you dance with the spirit of destruction
The spirit of chaos
And renewal?

Will you dance with the flames that burn
The olden forest?
Or will you let it consume the forest
As you let the despair of the messes you made
Consume you?

Remember, my dear,
Hesitation as no meaning here,
No place between you and I.

So tell me,
Will you dance with me, the spirit of fire,
Chaos and destruction
Or, will you let me consume you
As you fall, fall, fall?

Day 1: Sly One



Fool, Magician, Trickster,
Tower and Chaos;
Passion Intensified,
How hard it is
To resist you.

Seducer, Subtlety,
You drive us crazy yet,
It’s hard to resist you.

God of Mischief,
You give acceptance
and worthiness,
Where none could be found.
How can we resist that, Sly One?

Practice Poetry



I’m gonna try to get the juices flowing a little bit here.

Valentino stands
In front of the burning town
The fire he made

His corrupted,
Manipulative Mentor,
Stands beside him

Valentino felt no regrets when he started
But every one when he realized
What he had done wrong.

He left with the thought there were no survivors.

And years past
Past and past some more
And he leaves his mentor
In a fit of vengeance

Valentino just learned the truth.

His heart grows colder
Day by day
Year by year
Where he feels

No more compassion
No more regret
Or so he thought

Until he laid his eyes
On the only survivor he found.

His brother, Damari.

And inside Valentino
Rises the feeling
Of forgiveness

Yet he receives none from his brother.

And he retreats back
Into his stone cold heart
Where no emotions can touch him again.